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WAC 246-215 Effective January 15, 2021
WAC 246-217 Food Handler Card Regulation

Food Code Clarifications

Permit Information

Annual Permit Application
Fee Schedule
Commissary Agreement Form
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Other Agency Links

L&I Eyewash Station Safety Requirement Handout
L&I Eyewash Station Informational Video
L&I Requirements for Teens at Work
Liquor Control Board Website
Department of Agriculture Food Program
Cowlitz County Building and Planning
City of Castle Rock Building and Planning
City of Kalama Building Department
City of Longview Community Development
City of Woodland Community Development Department

COVID-19 Information
Signs (laminated versions available upon request)
Face Mask Restaurant V1.0
Face Mask Restaurant V2.0
Restaurant Indoor Seating Sign
Face Mask Store
Face Mask Sign
Snohomish County COVID Posters

Industry Guidance
COVID-19 Restaurant Requirements
DOH Restaurant Guidance

Food Newsletters
Volume 7 (2015)
Volume 8 (2016)
Volume 9 (2017)
Volume 10 (2018)
Volume 11 (2019)
Volume 12 (2020)
- Previous Newsletter Versions Available upon Request

Cowlitz County Food Safety Signs
Proper Cooling of Foods
Raw Meat Storage
No Pets Allowed

These and other signs are available in laminated form
at the HD for Food Establishments

Washington State Food Handler Testing

WSU Extension 2020 PIC Class Brochure
Conference For Food Protection Accredited Manager Training

Educational Signs
Deli Slicer Sanitation Concerns
Cool It Quickly
Handwashing Sign
Keep It Cold
Keep It Healthy
Keep It Hot
Keep It Hot or Cold
Keep It Separated
Keep It Untouched
Keep Them Clean
Keep Your Hands Off
- All the Above Signs in Multiple Languages
Service Animal Poster