Restaurant Inspection Reports

Update! We are currently transitioning to a new restaurant inspection reporting system. The system will be more user friendly than the previous system and will make reports available for free online. While we make this change, restaurant inspection reports will only be available by request. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the new system in place over the coming months. To learn how to request a restaurant inspection report, see our "Request a Report" section ↓ below .

Restaurants and other retail food establishments in Cowlitz County that serve the public are required to obtain a permit and undergo routine inspections. 

In addition to issuing permits, Cowlitz County Health & Human Services performs routine, follow-up, and pre-opening inspections and responds to citizen complaints regarding food handling practices.

Request a Report
There are three ways to access restaurant inspection reports while we transition to a new system:

• Submit a public records request by visiting Cowlitz County’s Public Records Portal; OR
• Email your request, including the restaurant name and address, to; OR
• Stop by Cowlitz County Health & Human Services’ 9th Avenue location (get directions) during business hours

Both routine and follow-up inspection reports can be requested. 
**Please Note: Restaurant inspection reports are snapshots of food handling at an establishment at the time of the inspection. 

Conditions may be different when you visit. Restaurant inspection reports provide a general description of a violation and do not contain specific details. They are not endorsements of an establishment or product.

More Information
To learn more, visit the Washington State Department of Health’s restaurant inspections webpage. For tips on how to keep you and your customers safe from foodborne illnesses, view these videos from King County Public Health.