Food Complaints & Illness Reports


Foodborne Illness Reporting

The Cowlitz County Health Department takes all citizen complaints regarding foodborne illness and food safety seriously. If you believe you got ill from something you ate please contact this office at (360) 414-5599 ext 6441.

Knowing the illness symptoms and when they occurred are critical to being able to determine the cause of the illness. There is a common misconception that the last food item that you ate made you sick. While this can be true, most bacteria and viruses require longer incubation periods. Be sure that you write down when your symptoms occurred and your 5 day food history so you don’t forget. If you have a serious case of foodborne illness seek medical attention first.

Food Safety Complaints

If you witness unsafe food handling practices at a food establishment please contact us immediately. Complaints can be made anonymously if you wish. Please contact this office at (360) 414-5599 ext 6441 or enter your complaint using the complaint form.