Submit a Permit or Application

Below are the listed policies, notifications and applications necessary to perform work within the County right-of-way. 

Unsure if your application applies to a County road? Check the County Road List (PDF). If you know you’re in the County but your road isn’t listed, check the Private Road List (PDF).

 Questions? You can contact us  at (360) 577 - 3030 or  email Public Works .  You can also submit a question with our online form.

Oversize Transport:

Oversize Transport Permit (PDF) - A permit is required to transport over sized loads on County roadways. View the Cowlitz County Bridges web map to see all of the bridges that have weight restrictions.

Work in the Right-of-Way:

Driveway Approach Application (PDF) - You will need to come to the Public Works office to submit your application. We will provide you with marking stakes at the time of application. Our business hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Utility Accommodation Policy (PDF) - Defines the criteria and design requirements for the accommodation of utilities within the county road right-of-way.

Notification of proposed work on County road Right-of-Way (PDF) - A Notification Application is required for any work within the County road right-of-way that meets the following criteria:

  • Utility service connections with a length of 250 feet or less
  • Boring/Jacking of utility pipes or conduits with a diameter of two inches or less

Application to perform work within County road Right-of-Way (PDF) - A permit application is required for all utility work within the County road right-of-way, other than that meeting the criteria for a "Notification" as stipulated herein.

Vegetation Management:

Vegetation Management Application for Self-Maintained Right-of-Way (PDF) - This program encourages landowners to maintain the right-of-way in front of their property. A nominal fee is charged and the landowner must maintain the roadway to a high standard in order to assist in maintaining proper drainage and roadway safety. Click here (PDF) for owner maintained area sign placement. To inquire into this excellent program, call (360) 577-3030 or email Public Works

Adopt a Road:

Adopt-a-Road - Ever notice how much trash is alongside our otherwise scenic County roads? This program, established in 2011, supports citizen volunteers in litter pick up. Click here (PDF) for more information and here (PDF) for the application form. 

Stormwater Permits:

Stormwater Permits - Stormwater applications and approvals are processed through the Department of Public Works. We anticipate and encourage questions on this new regulation. Click here for additional information (PDF) and here for Stormwater Submittal Form(PDF),  Minor  Project Form(PDF),  Small Project Form(PDF) and Full Stormwater Application (PDF) information. For Stormwater Construction and Stormwater Industrial permits you can apply with the Department of Ecology.