County roads require a lot of coordination to stay in good shape. In addition to staff time, investments must be made to keep certain higher dollar projects moving forward. For instance, an older, undersized culvert might have two or three elements that are difficult or impossible to maintain. It will be required to be replaced, which will mean that the road will have to be dug up and the culvert replaced. Or a slide continues to move and a major rebuild including structural stability elements must be designed and constructed. Bridges age and require work to stay safe for the traveling public.

We have set up this page so you can search our current and past projects, either because something is happening in your neighborhood, because you are interested in what is happening in your community or you are just curious about our work.

Current Projects

Projects occurring during the 2022 calendar year.

Past Projects

Projects that are archived from 2011 onwards.

Projects in Design

Project that are currently in the design process for future construction that have acquired funding.