Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Tennant Way Landfill Not a pretty picture, is it? Modern society uses landfills to store our waste. These facilities are complex systems designed to reduce gases and fluids from polluting the air or water around them. But we have other options than throwing all of our household waste into a can that ends up at a landfill. We can reduce our waste, reuse items that have secondary values and recycle items that can be recycled. You might also find that by reducing, reusing, recycling you may spend less money, have less overall waste and may even feel healthier without all that stinky trash around. It is amazing what a small commitment can do in the world! Some suggestions for reducing, reusing and recycling: Natural Yard Care: Save money on water, plants and fertilizer by using what you already have or doesn't need replaced because it is adapted to our climate! This guide has many helpful tips.

Asbestos Handling & Disposal: Our Handling and Disposal Guide covers important information such as: How to Handle Asbestos, How Asbestos is Recycled and Asbestos Safety.

Reduce: Reduce waste at the office, at home and everywhere else in your life! Department of Ecology has strategies for reducing waste throughout your life.

Nike Reuse-a-Shoe: This is pretty interesting. Reuse your used athletic shoes - or rather, let Nike - into useful materials for tracks, playgrounds, etc.

We've all learned to recycle our paper products and soda cans. Recycling can be more than that: 

Information for Budding Recyclers: Interested in learning more and having fun? Check out this link. While focused towards kids, the kid in many adults will enjoy a lot of the information too!

Freecycle: A website devoted to helping people get rid of their stuff. And of course, there is always Craigslist!

Treecycle: Christmas Tree recycling. Once you and your family are done enjoying your tree this holiday season, have your tree chipped for use as alternative fuel & compost. It is good for the environment and it's FREE! Click the Treecycle link for additional information on Christmas Tree drop sites and curbside collection dates.

Earth911: Find out where you can recycle anything and the nearest drop point.

CradletoCradle: An example of a strategy to reduce waste as well as chemical use in daily products.

Metal Recycling: As a note that just about anything can be recycled, check out this information on recycling steel. Although your neighbor might recycle it for you, with a welder!

Light Bulb Recycling: Stop! Don't throw them away! This page has tons of information on the best, safest places to dispose or recycle light bulbs.

Electronic Recycling: Hey, we all know this one is tricky. Want to know more about why? This great page has links to all over and will educate you on the 'why not' of throwing electronics into a landfill and some great alternatives.

A Guide to Recycling Boxes and More: A good resource for how and why to recycle boxes as well as how to reuse them, particularly for kids' play!