Household Hazardous Waste

Most homes have shelves, closets and cupboards stocked with household products - like detergents, polishes or paints - that make our lives easier. But how safe are they? You may incorrectly assume some of the products in your house are safe when they may contain hazardous ingredients that could be harmful when you use them or dispose of them improperly.

How do you know? Our government requires labeling. Keeping products in their original packaging will help identify which products are dangerous. Some common terminology on labels:

  • Flammable/combustible - can easily be set on fire or begin a fire without flame.
  • Explosive/reactive - Can explode through exposure to heat, sudden shock or pressure.
  • Corrosive/caustic - Can cause burns to skin, eyes, clothing and other organic things.
  • Toxic/poisonous - Can cause injury or death if inhaled, eaten or through contact with skin.
  • Radioactive - Can damage or destroy cells or chromosome data, which can lead directly to death or to cancer.

What can I do with my household hazardous wastes? How do I dispose of them? 

Waste Control has a year-round collection facility, open Tuesdays and Saturdays 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Local events occur in your community throughout the year.

Common items brought to the facility include:

From the work bench
- adhesives, glues, resins
- hobby supplies, artist supplies 
- latex paints 
- oil-based paints 
- spray paints 
- stains, thinners, strippers 
- sealers 
- solvents 
- creosote 
- rust preventatives
- wood preservatives 

From the yard 
- insecticides, pesticides, rodent poisons
- herbicides
- propane cylinders
- swimming pool chemicals
- fertilizers
- septic tank cleaners

From the garage
- car batteries, dry cell batteries
- engine degreasers
- brake fluid
- transmission fluid
- antifreeze
- radiator cleaner
- kerosene
- gasoline 

From the house
- aerosol cans
- spot removers
- button-style batteries
- alkaline batteries 
- Ni-Cd batteries 
- photo chemicals 
- chemistry sets
- floor cleaners
- oven cleaners
- bleach
- metal polish
- drain cleaners