2020 Projects

Rose Valley Road – Turner Creek Culvert

Project Limits: Milepost 3.75 to 3.83 Rose Valley Road - Turner crk.jpg

Federal Classification: Rural Major Collector (07)

Project Description: Replace the existing 3-foot diameter concrete culvert with a bottomless pipe arch (22-foot span). A simulated stream channel will be placed in the bottom of the structure and a portion of the stream channel will be realigned away from the roadway.

Basis for Project: The existing culvert is reaching the end of its expected life and is a fish passage barrier in a high priority fish habitat area.

Funding: Project funding includes $981,750 State Grants and $193,250 Local Road Funds for a total of $1,175,000.

Schedule: Construction completed.

Contact: Roger Maurer, Project Manager/ Engineer, (360) 577 – 3030 

Germany Creek Washout Repairs 

Project Limits: Milepost 3.59 to 3.61 Germany Creek.jpg 

Federal Classification: Rural Local Access (09)

 Project Description: Repair existing roadway embankment by placing rock fill at the toe of the embankment in a scour area.  

Basis for Project: A segment of the roadway embankment has washed out due to high flows on Germany Creek. The embankment has been subject to ongoing erosion at the creek level. If the erosion continues unchecked the roadway prism will eventually destabilize.  

Funding: Project funding is $210,000 of Local Road Funds. 

Schedule: Construction completed.  

Contact: Roger Maurer, Project Engineer / Manager, (360) 577 - 3030

Mahaffey Road Drainage Improvements

Project Limits:  Mileposts 1.03 to 1.07 Mahaffey Road.jpg

 Federal Classification:  Rural Local Access (09)

 Project Description: Replace existing 15-inch CMP with a new culvert to allow for high flows and fish passage. 

Basis for Project: The existing culvert is undersized for large storm flows and fish passage. The metal bottom is completely rusted out and low flows flow under the culvert eroding the base material. At the downstream end there is a drop of approximately 1.5 feet. Mahaffey Road is a dead end road with approximately a dozen homes beyond the culvert. 

Funding: Project funding is $420,000 of Local Road Funds.

Schedule: Construction completed. 

Contact: Roger Maurer, Project Engineer / Manager, (360) 577 – 3030