Utility Review of Building Projects

  1. EHU's Role
  2. Utility Types
  3. Approvals

EHU's Role in Review

The EHU reviews building proposals submitted to B&P and, if applicable, sends an email requesting applicants to fill out a form. The form captures information about the project used to determine if and what utilities require approval. Utilities refer to methods of sewage disposal and potable water sources. Projects may require approval of either utility or both.

Submit Review

1. Submit Request for Review

The EHU prompts applicants by email to fill out our Request for Utility Review form based on projects submitted to B&P.

Water Approval

2. Receive Utility Approvals*

Project may require approval of water, sewer, or both.

  • When all conditions for a utility are satisfied, the approval is sent

*If determined to be required

Submit Approvals

3. Submit to Building & Planning

Provide documents from EHU at application

  • Make sure to include review paperwork and approvals