Zoonotic Diseases

The zoonotic disease program can provide information on the prevention of diseases being passed from animals to humans. This webpage contains resources and links to information about animal transmitted diseases.


List of Animal Transmitted Diseases
Animal Bites/Rabies
DOH Zoonotic Disease Webpage
Petting Zoo/Animal Exhibits

Information for Veterinarians

DOH Veterinarian Resources
Rabies Compendium
Notifiable Conditions for Veterinarians

Insect Identification and Control

For information about identifying insects and information about controlling these pests please contact the WSU Extension office at 360-577-3014.

Dead Birds

The Department of Health no longer takes reports of dead birds. West Nile Virus monitoring is now done exclusively through mosquito surveillance. You may report wild bird die-offs to WDFW or domestic flocks to WSDA.