Methamphetamine Labs

Washington state law (RCW 64.44.020) requires law enforcement agencies to notify the local health department of suspected meth labs when they are discovered. The law also requires property owners to notify the local health department if they believe a meth lab has contaminated the property by a tenant who moved out. Upon notification the health department determines if there is sufficient evidence that a meth lab was on a property. The department will then post the property or structure(s) on the property as Unfit for Use if it is determined that there is a meth lab onsite.

Posting and clean-up of meth labs is regulated under WAC 246-205.

If you suspect there is a property currently being used as an active meth lab please call the jurisdictional law enforcement agency.

If you have questions about whether a specific property had a known drug lab discovered please feel free to contact this office at (360) 414-5599 ext. 6442.

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