On-Site Sewage Systems (OSS)

The Environmental Health Unit of the Health & Human Services Departments administers the on-site sewage program through the Rules and Regulation of the State Board of Health, Chapter 246-272A WAC.

Staff performs a wide variety of activities to carry out this regulatory oversight, including:

  • plan reviews
  • site evaluations
  • final inspections of individual on-site sewage systems
  • technical assistance to home owners on maintenance and repair of existing systems

The Environmental Health Unit oversees the annual licensing of:

The section also maintains a list of OSS designers and engineers who regularly practice in our County.

There are brochures available with more information about septic systems.

Staff investigates all complaints of failing septic systems.

Permit application forms are available for downloading on our Forms Page. Site evaluations are done by a licensed engineer or on-site septic designer. After the site evaluation is completed, a copy of the evaluation, the septic system design and permit application, along with the appropriate fee will need to be submitted to our office.

Planning on Submitting an OSS Application?

The application materials required for submission to the EHU are unique to each record type. Despite the differences, most septic-related applications within County jurisdiction must include a Planning Clearance Certification (PCC). The Planning Division of Building & Planning reviews requests for PCCs. This service does not extend to projects outside County jurisdiction.

To request a review and obtain a PCC online, click here.

Be Advised: Ask your septic professional for help if you do not fully understand any questions on the request form! Submitting incorrect information may lead to the request being rejected and subsequent project delays. If approved, the PCC expires after three (3) business days from the approval date.