Headquarters Landfill


Headquarters landfill is currently the only operating Municipal Solid Waste Landfill (MSWL) in the County, permitted under WAC 173-351. It was developed by Weyerhaeuser as a Limited Purpose Landfill (LPL), for disposal of industrial timber wastes in 1993. Cowlitz County updated the Solid Waste Management Plan in 2011 to include the facility. Plans to buy the property from Weyerhaeuser began soon after. By November 2013, Headquarters landfill was owned by Cowlitz County and permitted as a MSWL. The landfill accepts municipal solid waste, normal non-hazardous household waste, and some industrial and commercial wastes. Headquarters will eventually comprise a 308-acre footprint with an estimated site capacity of 54.8 million cubic tons of waste.

There are several documents available associated with the permitting of Headquarters landfill. Some of these documents have been digitized and can be accessed using the links below. Please note that many of the digitized documents have been split into multiple files due to size constraints. Hard copies of all the application documents can be accessed at the offices of Cowlitz County Health & Human Services.

The Final Environmental Impact Statement

The Current version of the application

Archived documents from the original permit process