Petting Zoos & Animal Exhibits

Contact with animals in public settings, such as petting zoos, fairs and other animal exhibits, provides opportunities for entertainment and education about animals. However many people get sick every year because of a visit to an animal exhibit. It is important to remember that animals sometimes carry germs that are harmful to humans.

Washington state regulations (WAC 246-100-192) have minimum requirements for those that offer public settings where animal contact is encouraged. These requirements can be found at the DOH Animal Venue Operator Requirements webpage. If you wish to hold a public animal exhibit please contact this office to discuss the layout of the exhibit, handwashing requirements and sign posting.

Animal Exhibit Resources

Washington State Animal Venue Operator Requirements
National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians Animal Contact Compendium
Local Portable Handwash Station Rental
CDC Stay Healthy at Animal Exhibits Webpage

Signs For Posting at Petting Zoos and other Animal Contact Venues

Petting Zoo Handwash Sign (Rabbit)
Petting Zoo Handwash Sign (Goat)
Pony Ride Handwash Sign
Handwashing Sign
Avoid Bringing Strollers into Petting Zoo Sign
How To Be Safe Around Animals Sign

Signs for Animal Contact Venues at Fairs

Welcome to the Fair - Wash Your Hands
Entrance Sign - Warning of Health Risks and how to be Safe While Visiting Animals
Exit Sign - Wash Your Hands After Visiting Animals
Wash Your Hands Before Eating
Hand Washing Instructions
Directional Sign - Handwashing Station Right
Directional Sign - Handwashing Station Left
Directional Sign - Handwashing Station Down