Weed Warrior Apps

With today's technology most of us carry smart phones. Did you know that there are many Apps out there to empower you with the ability to become a Weed Warrior!

What is a Weed Warrior?

Simple, that is you (a concerned citizen) who has the opportunity to help identify weird plants out of place, possible invaders, dangerous exotic species and overall bad plants or animals that do not belong in our state.

Do you want to identify invasive plants or animals? There is an App for that.....

Apps for invasive plant species


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Apps for invasive animal species

stink bugs

 iPhone Android  iPhone Android

Apps to encourage kids to become citizen scientist

Project Noah                                                                                                               iNaturalist

 undefined Opens in new windowiNaturalist

Project Noah Website                                                                                                              iPhone Android

Apps to help you identify plants

Google Play has many applications do download depending on what you are looking for or want to use.  Wildflower Identification, Edible and Medicinal Plants, Aquatic plants and more! 

Having you be our extra pair of eyes....

really make a difference.