Herbicide Labels

Always Read and Follow the Label for ALL HERBICIDES.


  • Recommended amount of herbicide is best for Best Results
  • Avoid using more and wasting dollars (doubling recipe will not give you better results) * Amounts set are best for the environment
  • Required protective gear is outlined for your safety
  • Other requirements are outlined to avoid off target damage
  • The label is the LAW

The label on a herbicide product can be easy to read or difficult to decipher depending on the manufacturer. Take your time in reading the label and if you still have questions, most small local feed stores sell herbicides and can help you determine quantity of herbicide to mix with water.

Typical label content:

 1. Product name and usagecrossbow1.JPG
2. Active ingredient list and EPA Numbercrossbow2.JPG
3. Caution label (Caution, Danger, Restricted....)crossbow3.JPG
4. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) crossbow4.JPG
 5. User Safety Recommendationsuse recommendation
 6. First Aid RequirementsFirst Aid
 7. Environmental HazardsEnv hazard
8. Storage and DisposalStorage and disposal
9. Mixing directionsmixing instructions
10. Weed list of species controlledweed list