Special Projects

Abernathy Creek

Each year throughout Cowlitz County, the Noxious Weed Control Board implements several grant-funded projects. These projects began in 2009 and have provided control of knotweed species, Milk thistle, Slenderflower thistle and Mouse-ear hawkweed.
On an annual or bi-annual basis, we submit project proposals and have received funding from a variety of grant sources. These funds allow us to protect our natural resources by controlling invasive plants, assisting landowners throughout the county, and partnering with other natural resource agencies to successfully completed projects on the ground.
One of our success stories has been our knotweed control efforts and partnership with the Cowltiz Conservation District with riparian restoration which has resulted in a ninety-five percent reduction of invasive species in the Abernathy & Monahan Creek watersheds, allowing the return of native plant populations and several species of salmon. We have also expanded our knotweed work to include other watersheds: Toutle and Coweeman Rivers.