Control Options

There are several options available to landowners for control of noxious weeds.

Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) Tools available to you include:


When possible don't plant any vegetation you don't have information about. Find out if it is invasive and if at all possible use natives. If exotics are not introduced, we will not have to worry about them taking over.
Just say no
Mechanical methods

Cutting, mowing, weed-eating, disking, plowing. This method may need to be used several times during the season to prevent plants from producing seed.

Cultural methods

Using plastic or cloth fabrics to cover areas, mulches, bark, soil amendments, or using competitive vegetation to compete with noxious weeds.
weed fabric

Using man-made herbicides and or natural remedies to kill unwanted vegetation. Use of fertilizers and other soil elements to change the chemistry of the soil.
Herbicide application
Biological Agents

Introducing desirable insects native to the area or introducing plant specific insects that consume noxious weeds or reduce seed production. Grazing animals can be used to consume many undesirable noxious weeds in order to gain control.
insects for noxious weeds

Using several methods in combination works best!

Don't let the noxious weeds go to seed! This will set you back for years. Noxious weed seed can last in the soil for many years without germinating.

Need specific information about a noxious weed? Go to our Documents section to download brochures with the IVM options available for each of those noxious weeds.