Herbicide Information

Herbicides are an important tool to consider when working to control invasive or noxious weeds. This tool like all others has a place and should be considered as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan. This program believes that all tools available should be considered and should be used in conjunction with one another in order to successfully contain, control, reduce and ultimately eradicate invasive and noxious plant species.
Responsible use of herbicides, and knowing what to use and where to use these products is ESSENTIAL and YOUR DUTY. Herbicides CAN be used Environmentally Consciously and safely. Any product can be overused and unsafe. Do your homework, read and follow the (LABEL).

HerbicideA chemical that kills plants, especially weeds
Adjuvant/Surfactant/StickerA substance such as a detergent/soap that can reduce
the surface tension a liquid (herbicide), stays in longer contact with the plant
and thus allow it to penetrate
How Toxic are chemicals?
We use chemicals every day. There are many types of chemicals, both natural and man-made. Here is a chart of some of the more common chemicals we all have in our homes.

Toxicity Chart
You Can Download this poster from
Washington Friends of Farms and Forests

DOES NOT equal Safe.....

Toxicity is defined as the quality, relative degree, or specific
 degree of being toxic or poisonous


Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines a Toxic Chemical as any substance which may be harmful to the environment or hazardous to your health if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin