Citizens Guide and Glossary of BOCC Meetings and Documents

All meetings with a quorum of the Board of Commissioners are public meetings held in the County seat of Kelso, in the Administration Building, 207 4th Avenue North, Kelso, 3rd floor - Commissioner Hearing Room. (Law requires specific location).

Citizen Comments - RCW 42.30.040 - Conditions to attendance not to be required.  A member of the public shall not be required, as a condition to attendance at a meeting of a governing body, to register his or her name and other information, to complete a questionnaire, or otherwise to fulfill any condition precedent to his or her attendance. 

For testimonial or quasi-judicial public hearings citizens should be asked to give their name and address. For public meetings and legislative public hearings it is optional.  

The Board of Commissioners may add and take action on other items not listed on the Agenda.  Please note that all meetings are subject to cancellation or rescheduling and that special meetings may be scheduled after appropriate notice.   

County Policy and Procedures                    Commissioners Rules of Practice                 Regular Public Meeting Calendar      

 Commissioners Public Records  

  1. Agendas – weekly (2022 - ) Agendas are posted in PDF.

  2. Contract File (1978 – present) Word document saved by year listing all contracts the Board has signed.

  3. Interlocal Agreements (2012 – present) Word document saved by year listing all interlocals the Board has signed.  Also a PDF of each interlocal named by date and description of interlocal. 

  4. Minutes (2011 – present) Weekly signed Minutes are posted.

  5. Resolutions (1978 – present) Word document listing each resolution the Board has signed.  Also a PDF of each resolution named by # and description of resolution.

  6. Resumes (1945 – present) Compilation of the Minutes done monthly.

  7. Monday - Wednesday BOCC Public Business Meetings (2014 – present).   Each weekly folder contains handouts, audio, and video of the Boards weekly workshops / meetings / work session / commissioner conference / staff / liaison reports – whatever you want to call the public meetings. 

  8. Tuesday 9 am Formal Public Meetings/Special Meetings (2006 – present) Each weekly signed paperwork from formal public meeting, audio, and video.  This includes the formal Board of Health which meets quarterly