Silver Lake Watershed Advisory Council (1 position open)

Silver Lake Watershed Advisory Council

Meet: 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm at Toutle Elementary School library.

Terms: 4 Years - Expire in January.

Purpose: Responsibilities include review the plans adopted for the betterment of Silver Lake, recommendations for testing and monitoring, long-range planning for the watershed, coordination of partners and agencies concerned with the lake, and prioritization for implementing solutions; members must reside or own property in the Silver Lake Watershed; Contact WSU Extension Office at 360-577-3014 for additional information.

Joe Gardner; Staff
Neil Skogland; term expires 1-31-2024
Larry Kimble; term expires 1-31-2024
Heather Schoonover; term expires 1-31-2024
Dave York; term expires 1-31-2023
Del Gilkerson; term expires 1-31-2023
Gary Fredricks; term expires 1-31-2023
Amy Grabenkort; term expires January 31, 2025