Solid Waste Advisory Committee (5 Vacant Positions)

Solid Waste Advisory Committee 

Meet: 2 - 4 times a year as needed at the Public Works Office, 1600 13th Avenue S, Kelso.

Terms: 2 Years - Expire in March. Purpose: Assists in the development of solid waste handling programs and policies, review and comment on proposed rules, policies or ordinances prior to adoption. RCW 70.95. 

Contact Public Works Department at 360-577-3030 for additional information.


VACANT POSITION, represents industry
Josh Johnson, represents citizens; term expires March 15, 2024
Robert Nichols, represents Ag; term expires March 15, 2024
Jim Hill, represents City of Kelso; term expires March 15, 2023
VACANT POSITION, represents industry
Brian Evola, represents waste management industry; March 15, 2024
VACANT POSITION, represents small cities -Kalama, Woodland & Castle Rock
VACANT POSITION, represents City of Longview
VACANT POSITION, represents citizens