Building and Planning Advisory Council (1 Vacant Position)

Building and Planning Advisory Council 

Meet: Every 3rd Thursday of the month at 2:00 pm in General Meeting Room of the Administration Building, 207 4th Avenue N, Kelso.

Terms: 4 Years - Expire in July. 

Purpose: Review of the department’s work plan, stakeholder and customer input practices, service levels, process performance, implementation of new technology and customer service strategies. 

For additional information, please contact Traci Jackson in the Building and Planning Department at 577-3052 ext. 1-6659 or by email at

Traci Jackson; Building and Planning Department Director
Jeanette Scibelli, representing Lower Columbia Contractors Association (LCCA); term expires 7-31-2025
Kevin Bluhm, Citizen-at-large representing Commissioner District 3; term expires 7-31-2025
Francis Naglich, representing Economic Development Council (EDC); term expires 7-31-2024
Matthew Patterson, representing General Contractor; term expires 7-31-2024
Erica Rodman, representing Lower Columbia Realtors; unexpired term ending 7-31-2027
Tim Wines, Citizen-at-large representing Commissioner District 1; term expires 7-31-2023
Travis Buck, representing Environmental Community; term expires 7-31-2023
Nick Massie, representing Development Community; term expires 7-31-2026
Harold L. Palmer, Jr. , Citizen-at-Large representing Commissioner District 2, term expires 7-31-2026