Disability Advisory Board

Disability  Advisory Board

Meet: Quarterly, last Tuesday of the month,  at 1:00 pm. in the Sheriff’s Office Training Room, Hall of Justice\

Term:  2 years.  Law Enforcement will be on odd years and Firefighters will be on even years. 

Purpose:  RCW 41.26.Law Enforcement Officers' and Firefighters' Retirement System.  Provide for an actuarial reserve system for the payment of death, disability, and retirement benefits to law enforcement officers and firefighters, and to beneficiaries of such employees, thereby enabling such employees to provide for themselves and their dependents in case of disability or death, and affecting a system of retirement from active duty.  Contact Katrina Harris in the Sheriff's Office at 360-577-3093 for general questions.

Cowlitz County  Disability Board Bylaws 6-3-2021

Disability Board Rules and Regulations 11-1988

Katrina Harris, Secretary 
Richard VanRiper - Chair - Pro Tempore, Citizen Representative; Term Expires 9/23/2024
Arne Mortensen, County Commissioner; term expires 9/30/2024
Wayne Nelson - Chairman, Law Enforcement; term expires 9/23/2023
Mike Karnofski, City of Kelso Mayor, Small City Representative; Term Expires 9/30/2024
Laura Thurman; citizen representative; term expires 9/30/2024