Mosquito Control District  

Mosquito Control District

Meet: 2 to 4 times per year

Terms: 2 years - Expire in February

Purpose: To operate, maintain and supervise the services and facilities necessary to control mosquito populations for the benefits desired.  
Authority - RCW 17.28.090
Formed: August 6, 1990
More information:  Contact Mosquito Control at 360-423-5311

Program Manager Michael McKeague-Foster
Attorney:  Frank Randolph

Andriy Boyko; represents District 1; term expires 2-28-2024
Claire Pang; represents District 2; term expires 2-28-2024
Rex Ogden; represents District 3; term expires 2-28-2023
Jaime Cotter; represents Kelso; term expires 7-6-2023
Michael Rader; represents Longview; term expires 12-31-2023
Vic Leatzow; represents Kalama; term expires 9-7-2025
Paul Helenberg; represents Castle Rock; term expires 12-31-2024
John Burke, represents Woodland; term expires 2-28-2024