Standard Fees for Public Records

Cowlitz County has adopted the charges set forth in RCW 42.56.120(2), as may be amended, as the fees and costs which may be charged for providing public records requested under the Public Records Act.  Those charges include the following: 

Type of CopiesCharge for Copies
Photocopies, printed copies of electronic records when requested, use of County equipment to make copies15 cents per page

Scanned records, use of County equipment for scanning10 cents per page
Records uploaded to email, or cloud based data storage service, or other means of electronic delivery5 cents per each 4 electronic files or attachments
Records transmitted in electronic format or for the use of County equipment to send records electronically10 cents per gigabyte 
Digital media storage or devicesActual cost
Any container or envelope used to mail copiesActual cost
Postage or deliver chargesActual cost
Charges may be combined to the extent that more than one type of charge applies to copies produced in response to a request 
Customized service charge: When the request would require the use of IT expertise to prepare data compilations or when such customized access services are not used by the County for other business purposes.
Actual cost.  The County must notify the requester that it will be doing a customized service and can require a 10 percent deposit.

Please see RCW 42.56.120 for the full list of charges for copying under the Public Records Act.  Further, where state or federal law sets a particular fee for searching records, research, and/or providing a copy of a record, that fee will be charged.