Past Projects

Welcome to our past projects library. Approximately four to five large projects are constructed annually. Please select a year and begin browsing!

Rose Valley Road Embankment Repair, Little Kalama River Road Drainage Improvement, Bodine Road Slide Repair, Rose Valley Road Retaining Wall, and Dike Road Reconstruction

Willow Grove Guardrail, South Pekin Road Guardrail, Install/Upgrade Curve Warning Signs

Hazel Dell Road Improvement, Tower Road Bridge Scour Repair, Westside Highway Overlay - Phase 2, Pacific Way Slide Repair, South Cloverdale Road / Martin's Bluff Road Intersection Improvement.

, Kalama River Road Slide Repair, South Silver Lake Road, Coal Creek Road and Hacket Road Washout Repairs

West Side Highway Overlay Phase 1B; Butte Hill Road Improvements

Abernathy Bridge Removal Project; Allen Street Culvert Replacement Project MP 2.16; Delemeter Road Culvert Replacement Project MP 5.78; Hazel Dell Intersection Realignment Project MP 0.0; Westside Highway Shoulder Widening and Overlay, Castle Rock City limits to MP 2.69.

Tower Road Slide Repair Project MP 11.38; Clark Creek Road Culvert Replacement Project; Kalama River Road Slide Repair Project MP 4.52; Kalama Road Slide Repair MP 2.5; South Silver Lake Road Reconstruction

Ostrander Road Bypass Bridge Replacement Project; Fibre Way Reconstruction Project; Westside Highway Slide Repair; Monahan Creek Culvert Repair; Tower Road Culvert Replacement Project