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Building Permit Update

All building projects that include plumbing shall be connected to approved water and sewer.   As of May 1, 2021, evidence of approved water availability and sewer from the Environmental Health Unit (EHU) of the Cowlitz County Health Department shall be provided to Building & Planning prior to permit issuance.   Evidence shall be defined as a letter of approval issued by EHU.  

For more information on obtaining a water availability or sewer approval, please contact the Environmental Health Unit at 360-414-5599, press option 5, and then option 2.  Their website can be found here:  Environmental Health Unit.  

 Questions for Building & Planning can be emailed to or call 360-577-3052. 


Links to applications and forms by department.
Please note that our permit system allows you to apply online.  

Originally-produced PDF documentation shall be submitted electronically.  Any replications of the originals, including scanned copies or size-adjusted versions, shall not be accepted unless pre-approved.  No photographs of site plans or documents with background images will be accepted.

How to scan to a PDF from your cell phone 

Do you have a paper document you need to scan and upload for your online permit, but don't have a scanner and/or computer?  Did you know you can scan documents right from your phone?  See below for written directions and video tutorials on how to scan documents to PDFs for iPhones and Androids.  

**Please note that scanning plans in via a PDF phone scan does not qualify as turning them in "to scale".  Plans must be submitted in their original electronic format and submitted "to scale".  Often times you can obtain your original electronic building plans from the original designer.**

Written Directions: How to scan documents on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support
Video Tutorial: How to Scan Documents and Make PDFs with iPhone or iPad - YouTube 

Written Directions: How to Easily Scan Documents to PDF on Android - Make Tech Easier
Video Tutorial: How to scan a document in Android - YouTube 


Fee schedules for permits and processes.


What to expect in the permit process.