Historic Inventory

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Project Purpose 

The Cowlitz County Historic Inventory is an awareness tool created by the Historic Preservation Commission to educate people about their historic surroundings.

Project Scope

Identify and create a list of historic structures in Cowlitz County built before 1921 and some newer structures with significant historic or cultural merit.

Geographic Scope

Structures within Unincorporated Cowlitz County.

The Historic Inventory will NOT:

• Confer protected status

• Affect property or income taxes

• Disclose sensitive information

• Restrict property or development rights

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Proposed Timeline

Date Action
October 6, 2022 Historic Preservation Commission to review outreach docs
November 3, 2022 Commission approval needed to send outreach documents and make draft inventory available to public
January 31, 2022 Staff to receive community requests for removals, additions, or corrections
February 6, 2023 Publish map for public, Press Release
February 2023 Debrief process and public feedback at regular meeting