Campgrounds and RV Parks

On July 11, 2023, Cowlitz County adopted updated development rules for new or expanded Campgrounds and Recreational Vehicle Parks (CCC 18.56). The revised regulations should support the development of RV Parks and simplify review of improvements and expansions at existing parks.


The current Campground and Recreational Facilities code was last updated in 1998, and regulates approximately 26 Parks in Cowlitz County. The recreational facilities development code update seeks to clarify new park requirements and relax requirements for existing park alteration and expansion. The recreational facility Health standards are now moved to a separate Health Code, (CCC 15.45) to clarify the authority and responsibilities for public health in Campgrounds.


The Board of County Commissioners adopted the following ordinances on July 11, 2023:

Campground Binding Site Plan Code CCC 18.56

Health Code of Campgrounds CCC 15.45

Questions? Contact: Adam Trimble, Senior Policy Outreach Planner, 360-577-3052 or

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