Staff Consultations

What is a Staff Consultation?

A Staff Consultation is a high-level overview of a project (usually completed prior to applying for a permit) that helps reduce unforeseen issues that may hinder the permit process down the line.  This meeting allows staff an opportunity to answer questions the applicant may have about the permitting process, as well as discuss the details of the project, note any potential issues, and identify application submittal requirements.  

Projects that could require or benefit from a staff consultation include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Single Family Dwellings exceeding 3,600 square feet
  • Property size less than 1 acre
  • Multiple Occupancies
  • Parcels that have environmental constraints
  • Cottage Housing
  • Unique Construction Models
  • Recreational Marijuana, Wireless Communications Facilities, Commercial, or other complex reviews
  • As determined by the Building Official, Deputy Director, senior staff, or upon request of the applicant

What do I need to sign up for a Staff Consultation?

Staff Consultations are held virtually or in-office for your convenience.  You are required to complete a Staff Consultation Application which includes a Site Plan with approximate square footage of all structures, proposed and existing.  On the application you will need to provide a narrative describing your proposal, the use and location of existing and proposed structures, the timeline for construction, and the current use for the property.  

Completed Staff Consultation Applications can be turned in to Permit Center Staff.  

Is a Staff Consultation Required?

As an alternative for limited application types (*), the applicant, at their option, may wish to forego the Staff Consultation process. In this case, the applicant would proceed with only the information available in application forms and handouts, brief interaction with staff at the permit counter, prior knowledge, etc., and without the benefit of a staff consult meeting.

By choosing this path, the applicant recognizes that they are solely responsible for submitting a complete application.  The applicant is further aware that failure to submit a complete application may result in design changes to the project, additional cost, time delays, and possibly denial of the project.

*Application Types Eligible for Waiver

  • Short Subdivision
  • Recreational Marijuana Facility or Wireless Communications Facility Not Requiring Hearing Examiner Review
  • Commercial Facilities where allowed use in Zoning Ordinance
  • Property size less than 1 acre where documented Fire Flow is available from Public Water Supply
  • Other reviews as determined by the Building Official, Planning Manager, or Senior Staff


Staff Consultation Application

Staff Consultation Waiver