Inspection Schedules (dates and times may vary)
(Excludes Holidays)

Inspection Schedule Change

On Monday, March 14, 2022, the inspectors changed to a Monday through Thursday inspection schedule for the Spring and Summer seasons.

  • There will be no inspections held on:
    • Thursday, November 10th for Veteran's Day

Fall/Winter Schedule:  Inspections will be held Monday through Fridays.
Spring/Summer Schedule: Inspections will be held Monday through Thursdays.

**Please note the change in scheduling time below**

Inspections in the County are conducted daily; refer to seasonal schedule above. Beginning June 1, 2021, inspection requests must be received no later than 5:30 PM the day before you want the inspection to be conducted.  In the event we cannot complete your inspection as scheduled (i.e. an emergency arises), you will be notified by a Building & Planning staff member and rescheduled for the next business day.

We are unable to accommodate specific inspection time requests.  
Please have your project ready for inspection on the date requested.

For requests made by telephone at: 360-577-3031, please use a  land-line.