Longview Industrial SunsetZoning is the tool local governments use to regulate and protect land use activities. Cowlitz County's zoning regulations are established in the Land Use and Development Code, Chapter 18.10. This chapter serves as the official land use control for unincorporated Cowlitz County. The Land Use Ordinance lists permitted unses in various zoning districts, as well as setback and other requirements. The regulations are intended to carry out the goals and policies of the Cowlitz County Comprehensive Plan. The basic purpose of zoning is to prevent land use conflicts by allowing only compatible uses to locate in the same area. Zoning requirements are considered for each development proposal, as well as building code requirements. All development proposals are reviewed for consistency with the County's Land Use Ordinance and Comprehensive Plan policies.

Only a portion of Cowlitz County is zoned. The Zoning Map is used in coordination with CCC 18.10. Zoning can be viewed online using our EPIC mapping. Please contact Planning Division staff with questions about zoning and land use.