Nuisance Abatement

The Cowlitz County Nuisance Abatement Coordinator would be happy to review any code violations that you would like to report.

Please fill out the: Request for Investigation Form

For all Cowlitz County Nuisance investigations we reference the Cowlitz County Code to see if the issue is a code violation.

The table below shows examples of some nuisances that are reported and who is responsible for investigating them.

  1. Categories of Nuisances

    Who Handles this type of issue?
    Examples of Issues
    How to proceed?
    Cowlitz County Nuisance Abatementbuilding violations, land use violations, critical area violations, grading, etcSubmit the Request for Investigation
    Cowlitz County Environmental Healthhulk vehicles, solid waste, hazardous waste, septic violations, potable water violationsContact the Environmental Health Unit
    individuals or legal counselproperty boundary issues, water runofftalk to your neighbor, or a lawyer