Clerk of Superior Court

Mission Statement

"Protect the integrity and efficiently maintain the accuracy of the judicial records of the Cowlitz County Superior Court while serving the public, courts, and legal community in a courteous, professional, and expedient manner."

The Clerk's Office is responsible for keeping the permanent records of all cases filed in Superior Court, which include felony criminal, civil lawsuits, family law matters, probates and guardianships, and mental or alcohol commitment cases.

We collect and disburse monies for restitution, court costs, child support, trust accounts, garnishments and fees.

A deputy clerk must be present at all court proceedings and make a record called "Clerk's Minutes." The clerk is also responsible for marking and securing all exhibits entered in trials and court hearings.

Jury management for both District and Superior Courts comes under the umbrella of the Clerk's Office.


Court staff is there to provide information, NOT legal advice. If legal advice is needed, please contact a lawyer. RCW 2.32.090

Court staff does NOT know the answer to all questions about court rules, procedures and practices. They have been instructed not to answer questions if they do not know the correct answer.

Remember: The court, including the judge and all court staff, MUST remain impartial. They do not take sides in any matter coming before the court.


The Cowlitz County Clerk website does not dispense legal advice or advisory opinions. The information contained on the site is subject to change on a temporary or permanent basis without further notice. The data is provided for informational purposes only and may not have been updated on the date you view it. The Clerk assumes no liability for any legal consequences arising out of any information contained on these pages.