Mobile Homes

Selling/Buying a Mobile Home

Mobile Home ownership transfer (taxable or exempt) requires the Mobile Home Excise Tax Affidavit, before the Dept of Licensing will allow the transfer to be completed. A completed affidavit and viable proof of a Washington Title existing must be presented to the Treasurer's Office. In addition to the excise tax, there is a $3.00 certification of taxes fee.

Moving a Mobile Home

If you are going to move the mobile home or it is a condition of the sale that it be moved, you must obtain a movement permit from our office. You will be required to pay the property taxes at that point, which will be certified on the documents you obtain with the moving decal. If the home will stay in Washington, the advanced tax will be collected. If the home will end in a different state, the current full year's tax will be collected. It also requires a certification of taxes, which has a $3.00 fee. Next, you will then go to the Department of Licensing to change the ownership on the title. Sales tax will be collected by the DOL.

  • If the mobile is not moving, the current year taxes are payable.
  • If the mobile is moving within the state of Washington, the advanced tax year is payable.This is due to the assessment being in effect as of January 1 of the current year. RCW 84.60.020
  • If the mobile is moving out of state, the current year is payable only.