Junk or Hulk Vehicle Permit

The Sheriff's Office issues hulk permits to property owners who have junk vehicles on their property that they would like removed. In order for a vehicle to be eligible for a hulk permit, the vehicle must meet three of the following conditions:

  • Must be at least three (3) years old
  • Must be extensively damaged
  • Must be apparently inoperable
  • Must have a fair market value equal only to the approximate value of the scrap of the vehicle

A PDF version of the document is available here, at the Washington Department of Licensing's website. PLEASE NOTE: you do not fill out this form. A law enforcement officer or authorized junk inspector will complete the form. This form is for your reference so you know what to expect when an officer or inspector comes to issue the permit. You will fill out only the back portion of this affidavit once you decide to sell, re-title, or dispose of the vehicle for which the permit is being issued.

If you have questions prior to hulking your vehicle, please call the Sheriff's Office during regular business hours at (360) 577-3092.