Forest Harvest Permit

You Must Obtain a Harvest Permit for the Following:

1. Christmas Trees Definition: Any type of tree such as Pine, Spruce, Fir, Hemlock, etc. Amount: More than 5 trees

2. Native Ornamental Trees Definition: Any trees or shrubs, not nursery grown, removed from ground with the roots intact. Amount: More than 5 trees or shrubs

3. Cut or Picked Evergreen Foliage
Definition: Evergreen boughs, huckleberry, salal, fern, Oregon grape, rhododendron, mosses, bear grass, scotch broom. Not cones or seeds. Amount: More than 5 pounds

4. Cedar Products
Definition: Cedar shake boards, shake and shingle bolts, and rounds one to three feet in length. Amount: Any

5. Cedar Salvage
Definition: Cedar chunks, slabs, stumps, logs with greater volume than one cubic foot and:

  • Being harvested or transported from areas not associated with logging of timber stands where:
    • Application approved by Dept. of Natural Resources, or
    • Contract or permit issued by U.S. Government.
  • Amount: Any

6. Processed Cedar Products
Definition: Cedar shakes, shingles, fence posts, hop poles, pickets, stakes, rails, or rounds less than one foot in length.
Amount: Any

7. Wild Edible Mushrooms
Definition: Edible mushrooms not cultivated or propagated by artificial means.
Amount: Three gallons of single pieces of wild edible mushrooms and more than an aggregate total of 9 gallons of wild edible mushrooms, plus one wild edible mushroom.

8. Cascara Bark
Definition: The bark of the Cascara Tree.
Amount: More than 5 pounds

RCW 76.48.031