The Coroner's Office works diligently trying to identify decedents that come into our care, as quickly as possible.  We know how important it is to the family to be able to have their loved ones back and hopefully provide answers into what happened. 

What to do if you have a missing loved one:

  • Contact your local LE to file a missing persons report
  • Provide LE with antemortem dental record of your loved one. If a case is created in the data base, they can use these for possible comparisons on unidentified persons
  • Provide a DNA sample. DNA samples can be input into CODIS data base which can run against other DNA samples to see if they can get a match.

Currently the CCCO has 5 cases that are still unidentified. All have been sent out for DNA which we are gradually receiving back.  

We are happy to announce that since 2023, we have been able to identify 3 out of the 8 decedents. Thus, reuniting them with their loved ones, where they are able to finally put them to rest properly. 

1991 Case
  • Jane Doe - Exhumed in 2014 from Mt. Solo Cemetery 
  • Decedent was killed in a 1991 Interstate 5 crash, where she was a passenger in a semi truck that caught fire. She has yet to be identified. 
  • A forensic sketch was provided by Forensic Artist, Natalie Murray. DNA has also been obtained with no hits currently. 
  • https://www.koin.com/news/special-reports/the-mystery-of-helen-doe-kalama-crash-1991/
Jane Doe
2020 Cases
  • Case#20-753 - Port of Longview Skeletal Remains, Found: 2/20/2020 - Identified 6/05/2023, per DNA & Dentals, as Jade D. Feigert (DOB: 12/14/1994) of Clatskanie, OR
2021 Cases
  • Case# 21-320 - Lake Merrill Skeletal Remains, Found: 4/26/2021
2022 Cases
  • Case# 22-271 - Columbia River Jane Doe partial remains, Found: 03/28/2022
  • Case# 22-286 - Woodland Ghost Bridge Jane Doe, DOD: 4/02/2022
  • Case# 22-424 -Woodland Columbia River John Doe, Found: 06/02/2022
  • Case# 22-512 - Cowlitz River John Doe, Found: 7/11/2022 - Identified 7/20/2023, per DNA & tattoos,  as Bryan M. Heinrich Sr. (DOB: 3/01/1967)
  • Case# 22-541 - Kalama Tide Water Skeletal Remains - Found: 07/23/2022 - Identified 2/2/2024 per DNA & Dentals, as Barry M. Rezansoff (DOB: 3/13/1967)