Demographics & Broad Community Data

Cowlitz County Demographics

Includes Cowlitz County demographics and select social and economic characteristics.  Published October 2023.

Cowlitz County Leading Causes of Death 
Provides an analysis of death certificate data from 2015-2021 in an effort to better understand how COVID-19 deaths compared to the leading causes of death in Cowlitz County. Final death certificate data for a given year are typically available in the fall of the following year. Death certificate data can take several months to become final. Death records undergo a thorough review and investigations of sudden or unexplained deaths often rely on lab results that can take several months to process.

Original report, published May 2022

Final report, published May 2023

Washington State Health Assessment Report Summary
Includes a summary of the findings for Cowlitz County from the Washington State Department of Health's Statewide Health Assessment Report.  Published March 2018.  The entire state report can be found on the Washington State Department of Health website