Notice of Intention to Annex 


Upon submittal of the Notice of Intention, the Boundary Review Board will:

  • Ensure the application is complete.
  • Prepare a staff analysis of the proposal.
  • Circulate the Notice of Intention to other affected governments and agencies for a 45 day comment period.
  • Review the Notice of Intention at a Board meeting to determine compliance with:
    • Boundary Review Board Criteria (RCW 36.93.180)
    • Cowlitz County Comprehensive Plan
  • Take action to approve, deny or modify the application.

Action by the Boundary Review Board may be administrative, or there may be a public hearing. A public hearing is required if jurisdiction is invoked. A public hearing can be requested by the following means:

  • Request of the applicant;
  • Request by three members of the Boundary Review Board;
  • By any governmental unit affected by the action, or the Board of County Commissioners;
  • Petition signed by 5% of the registered voters residing within the area which is being considered for the proposed action;
  • Petition by the owner or owners of property consisting of 5% of the assessed valuation within such area;
  • Petition by 5% of the registered voters who deem themselves affected by the action and reside within one-quarter mile of the proposed action, but not within the jurisdiction proposing the action, and the majority of the members of the Boundary Review Board concurs.