Homeowners Limited Income Deferral

If you are a homeowner with limited income, Washington State has a program that may help you pay a portion of your property taxes. Under this program, the Department of Revenue pays 50% of your property taxes and/or special assessments on your behalf. The deferred taxes plus interest must be repaid when you cease being eligible for the deferral.

To apply for this program, your first half property tax installment for the year must already be paid. In addition, the claimant must meet eligibility requirements in three areas to qualify: ownership and residency, total household income, and available equity. You must have owned your home for at least five years before applying, and you must live there at least six months of every year. Your total household income for the year previous to application must be $57,000 or less (including claimant's income and income of any spouse or co-tenant). There must also be sufficient equity available in your home; the taxes deferred cannot exceed 40% of the equity. Applications must be filed with the Cowlitz County Assessor after the first half taxes have been paid but no later than September 1st of the year to be deferred.

Click here for the Department of Revenue (DOR) informational brochure Property Tax Deferral for Homeowners with Limited Income.

Click here for the Limited Income Deferral application.