Notice: Recording Fees Increase July 25, 2021

Recent passage of House Bill 1277 during the 2021 legislative session adds a $100 surcharge to all recording fees statewide. This increase will be reflected in the total amount due when removing land from classification as Designated Forest Land (RCW 84.33) and Open Space Farm & Agriculture (RCW 84.34).  The current recording fee for a Notice of Removal (four pages) is $106.50; after July 25th, the recording fee for a four-page document will be $206.50. 

HB 1277 - Eviction Prevention - Recorded Document Surcharge

It is likely that this increase will also be reflected in the fees collected upon application for classification as Designated Forest Land and Open Space Farm & Agriculture. Statute requires us to record the Notice of Approval, therefore the increased cost of recording must be considered. This decision will be made at an upcoming public meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, date still to be determined. 


The role of the Assessor is to estimate (appraise or assess) the value of all taxable property. It is our mission to serve the citizens of Cowlitz County by achieving accuracy, equity, and fairness in the estimation of value.

It is our responsibility to: 1) Neither underestimate nor overestimate the value of property; 2) See that all properties are assessed in a similar manner; 3) Ensure that each owner’s share of the total property tax is the same as his or her share of the total value of property.


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