THE 2021 PAYABLE NOTICES OF VALUE have been mailed. Because our office remains closed due to Covid-19, we have instituted an online Appraisal Review Request that will allow us to address any questions or concerns you may have while maintaining social distancing protocol. 

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Click above to request a review, and an appraiser will discuss your appraisal with you over the phone.



The role of the Assessor is to estimate (appraise or assess) the value of all taxable property. It is our mission to serve the citizens of Cowlitz County by achieving accuracy, equity, and fairness in the estimation of value.

It is our responsibility to: 1) Neither underestimate nor overestimate the value of property; 2) See that all properties are assessed in a similar manner; 3) Ensure that each owner’s share of the total property tax is the same as his or her share of the total value of property.


  • Based on adherence to professional standards and in accordance with Washington State Law, we are committed to creating a quality product.
  • We will provide courteous, efficient, and outstanding service to all customers.
  • We will provide training and technology that will enable employees to achieve excellence.