Open Space Timber Land

Effective July 15, 2014:

All Open Space Timber Land (OSTL) in Cowlitz County has been combined into the Designated Forest Land (DFL) program.

During the 2014 legislative session, Senate Bill 6180 was passed by the Washington State Legislature. This bill allows counties the option of merging land classified as Open Space Timber Land with the Designated Forest Land program, reducing the administrative workload as well as reducing the processing burden on taxpayers. On July 15, 2014, the Board of Cowlitz County Commissioners passed Ordinance #14-062 to merge all Open Space Timber Land into the Designated Forest Land program under RCW 84.33, effective immediately.

All new applications for classification of timbered land in Cowlitz County must be submitted under the Designated Forest Land program.

Open Space Timber Land may still be available in other Washington counties; interested parties should check with the Department of Revenue or the individual county assessor's office to see which program is available in each county. The laws and rules governing the Open Space programs can be found in RCW 84.34 and WAC 458-30.

Additional Open Space FORMS and PUBLICATIONS are also available from the Department of Revenue.