How do I Submit a Request?

Cowlitz County Public Disclosure Process (Public Records)

Cowlitz County responds to requests for access to public records in accordance with the Public Records Act.  Information about public records can be found out at RCW 42.56 and WAC 44-14.  View the Cowlitz County public records policies and procedures.

When making your request please be as specific as possible so we can conduct a thorough and accurate search.

How to Submit a Request

1) Determine which department(s) you need to submit your request to.  


2) Submit your request(s) online to each independent department you are seeking records from. 

Cowlitz County offers an online Public Records Request Portal to submit your request. Through the portal, customers have the ability to create an account, submit requests, review FAQ’s, download records, monitor the status of their current/previously submitted request(s), and communicate with county public records representatives.  Review the commonly requested records prior to submitting a public records request.  


Written requests:  To submit a request in writing complete the Request for Public Records form and send the form to the Public Records Coordinator of the department where the record was created and maintained.  Please submit a separate request to each independent department you are seeking records from.  

Request for Public Records Form

Public Records Coordinators

Within five business days of receipt of the request the county will either: (1) provide the record(s); OR (2) acknowledge the request and provide a reasonable time estimate for the response; OR (3) deny the request. The County will charge a fee of $0.15 per copy plus the cost of mailing. Payment may be required before copying or mailing.

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