What is the process to divide land?
  • There are multiple processes depending on the amount of land you are dividing and the size of the future lots you would like to create. 
    • The most common land divisions are short subdivisions and large lot subdivisions. Both are processed by Planning staff administratively, and do not require a public hearing.
      • Short Subdivisions allow division of up to four lots, any of which is less than 5 acres in size.
      • Large Lot Subdivisions allow division of any number of lots, all of which are greater than 5 acres but less than 10 acres.
  •  If your proposed division will create lots less than 5 acres, and will involve 5 lots or more, you will likely need to go through a Subdivision process. Subdivisions require public hearings for approval.

 Planning staff are available to discuss these options. You can also arrange a Staff Consultation to get more specific details.

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1. What is the process to divide land?
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