Civil Process

Landlord Tenant Act

Because the laws are constantly being updated, edited, and changed, we will simply provide a link to Washington State's legislative site, where information is most up-to-date.

Landlord-Tenant Act--Complete Chapter--Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Civil Fees

Below is a list of all current Civil Fees for the Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office, pursuant to Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 36.18.040. Please note, all fees shall be paid CASH ONLY and are non-refundable. We cannot accept debit/credit cards or checks for service papers.

We never guarantee papers will be served.

Single Document (local)

Multiple Documents (local)

Additional Person, at same address, add

Additional Mileage over 20 miles

Notarization--Civil Papers Only

Note: Additional persons living at different addresses will be whole deposit for each address.
$40 deposit ($30 Sheriff's Fee/$10 Mileage Fee for up to 20 miles in attempts)

$65 deposit ($55 Sheriff's Fee/$10 Mileage Fee for up to 20 miles in attempts)


$.50 (50 cents) per mile


Writ of Restitution

You must provide two (2) copies of Writ, Storage of Personal Property (per RCW 59.18.312), and Tenant Information Sheet (can be provided by Sheriff's Office upon request).

Writ of Restitution (local) Breakdown:
Service (posting)
Return of Service to courts
Mileage, minimum fee

Cost for sheriff deputy aid (ousting) for first hour
Each additional hour
Additional Mileage over 20 miles
$60 deposit

$.50 (50 cents) per mile