InvestigationsOur investigations unit is comprised of four detectives and a sergeant. These deputies are responsible to conduct all in-depth criminal cases within the Sheriff's Office. Those cases range from ID thefts to abductions, child sex cases to homicides; each case is thoroughly investigated in order to find the truth.

There are two additional components of this division of the Sheriff's Office.

Missing/Unsolved--sometimes called "Cold Cases.", Investigators work these unsolved cases involving persons that, after years of investigation, still have not been located, arrests made, or case conclusion. Tips and/or leads come in periodically, sparking hope of finding answers to pending questions. As any new information comes in, the detectives work the information to hopefully discover something new that may lead to closure for loved ones and justice served.

Most Wanted--Sheriff's Office seeks to arrest and bring about justice the subjects of these criminal cases. Covering most felony crimes, any information that the public can provide that will direct the detectives to locate these subjects is beneficial.