Divisions of the Sheriff's Office

The Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office has divisions (or bureaus, depending on where you're from) that handle various aspects of all things relating to enforce the laws of Washington, preventing crime, and taking care of the residents of Cowlitz County.

Civil: Handles non-criminal aspects of the Sheriff's Office, including property sales, auctions, application and issuance of permits, serving of subpoenas and other papers, and other administrative functions.

Detectives: Provides investigative services on cases and crimes that require more in-depth analysis than standard patrol investigation (crimes such as child assault, sexually motivated crimes, and other felonious matters).

Patrol: The most visible division of the Sheriff's Office, patrol proactively seeks to enforce traffic laws and reduce crime before it happens in Cowlitz County.

Services: Handles Sheriff's Office aspects that do not fall under the patrol division: Court Security, Narcotics Task Force, the Sheriff's Reserves, and Search and Rescue Coordination, along with other administrative tasks.