Understanding the Levy Report

Reading the Consolidated Levies

Cowlitz County has a total of 76 tax code areas as shown on the levy sheet, starting with Tax Code 400 and ending with Tax Code 965. Each tax code area listed is followed by a legend unique to that tax code area. Each item in the legend represents a taxing district within that tax code area. The legend is explained below:
  1. All Tax Code Areas include the County Current Expense and the State levies.
  2. All Tax Code Areas include either the County Road levy or a City levy, as indicated by: R-County Road; LV-Longview; CR-Castle Rock; KM-Kalama; KE-Kelso; WD-Woodland
  3. All other taxing districts are represented by the following symbols:
  • School Districts: #122-Longview; #130-Toutle; #401-Castle Rock; #402-Kalama;  #404-Woodland; #458-Kelso.
  • Fire Districts: #1-Woodland; #2-Longview/Kelso; #3-Toutle; #5-Kalama; #6-Castle Rock; #7-Cougar; #20-Ryderwood.
  • Port Districts: Ka-Port of Kalama; Lv-Port of Longview; Wd-Port of Woodland.
  • Cemetery Districts: C1-Castle Rock; C2-Woodland; C3-Toutle; C4-Ostrander; C5-Kalama; C6-Rose Valley; C7-Stella
  • Library Districts: VL - Fort Vancouver Regional Library; RL - Rural Partial-County Library; YL - Yale Valley Library
  • Emergency Medical Services: E1-Dist#1; E3-Dist#3; E20-Dist#20

NOTE: The consolidated levy rates do not include special assessments, such as levies for mosquito or weed control districts or diking, drainage, flood control and stormwater districts. These assessments are listed separately on the levy sheet, and the rates are in addition to the consolidated levy rates.